• Are you faced with operational challenges linked to team performance?

  • Are you achieving less than expected returns from operational restructuring?

  • Is your change management initiative sustainable over time?

  • Is your operation delivering on its projected savings targets?

Problems cannot be solved by the same kinds of thinking that created them.   –   Einstein

Strategic Business Solutions

Caprio Consulting helps c-suite executives manage difficult situations and brainstorm new avenues for solutions.

In the current environment of re-insurance industry consolidation, and the need to realize significant operational efficiencies, it is sobering that change efforts fail over 70% of the time. Leading Change, John Kotter.

Caprio Consulting helps companies successfully work top-down to influence stakeholders and mobilize support, and bottom-up to keep projects and people moving forward.

Caprio Consulting assists companies achieve sustainable operational efficiencies by

  • Analyzing current operations and advising on optimal structures and processes; and
  • Establishing or re-engineering systems to robustly manage enterprise-wide spend.

"With Elaine’s collaboration and leadership, we were able to create a strategic planning process that brought together the opinions of key stakeholders, engaged our staff and Board of Directors, and led to a clear and bold vision for growth. I attribute the success we’re having at all levels of the organization to the strategic planning work led by Elaine."

– Mike Wasserman, Managing Director, Bottom Line Massachusetts

Elaine is energized by tough challenges. In the course of her legal career, she skillfully negotiated multi-million dollar insurance and reinsurance claims. She has sat on both sides of the table as both cedent and reinsurer. As a senior executive at Liberty Mutual, Elaine brought a new philosophy to the company's ceded reinsurance operations and built an organization that brought renewed vigor and discipline to the role.

– Kathryn Winn, Retired General Counsel, Commercial Markets, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Executive Project Leadership

Caprio Consulting can be an “executive on the ground” to lead Project Teams to provide strategic problem solving, recommendations for course correction and ensure strategic initiatives are successful and sustainable.

Elaine has been instrumental in helping define strategy, develop goals and objectives to support the strategy, and develop dashboards to monitor our progress. Her ability to keep the Bottom Line team focused on its objective and meet deliverables has been exemplary.

– Mike Volo, Senior Partner, Cammack Retirement Group

Caprio Consulting uses a Methodology focused on harnessing the power of people, and the process of collective leadership to achieve a company’s operational goals.

Phase I:
Visualize Desired Outcome

Phase II:
Understand Current State

Phase III:
Develop Solution Ecosystem

Phase IV:
Implement Roadmap

Phase V:
Empower Network Thinking

Set Savings & Workforce
Productivity Targets

Analyze Data, Tools and Processes

Make Recommendations for Innovation and Process Improvements

Expedite Change

Expand Resilient and Interconnected Networks

Generate Awareness & Sense of Urgency; Over-Communicate

Conduct Stakeholder Assessments and Interviews

Develop Early Wins and Plan for Long Term Change

Focus on Operational Excellence Strategy

Explore Collective Leadership Innovation

Craft Shared Vision and Purpose; Engender Team Ownership and Engagement

Create Gap Analysis

Cultivate Culture of Positive Energy; Remove Obstacles to Desired Outcome

Ensure Sustainability

Coordinate Robust Problem Solving and Process Improvement